CaribJet offer Ground Representation and are “GSA”General Sales Agents for many airlines over the years.

As GSA we represent the interest of the Airlines we serve commercially, sales and some for Airport Supervision of Checking and Flight Operations.

 In the past CaribJet were GSA for LIAT, Caribbean Star Airlines, Zoom, XL Airways, Monarch, Caledonian, JMC, LeisureAir, and Sunwing and Air Canada.

Currently in Grenada and Antigua we are proud to be the GSA for Condor German Airlines.  We also handle Venezolana Airlines B737 charter flights.

We also perform all Commercial Sales and Airport Operations Supervision and payments for Conviasa Venezuelan Airlines in Grenada.

We offer the following services:

*Check-In Supervision
*Arrivals & Transfer Services
*Flights Ops and MVT
*Gate Services

*Immigration & Customs Liaison
*Supervision & Administration of 3rd party handling
*Sales and Ticketing, Upgrades and Excess Baggage
*AIS, Landing Fees, NAV and Taxes

*Crew Assistance
*Technical Services/Fuel
*Reprotection/Ground Transport & Hotac